Ticketing Solution

Comedy Booking offers a web-based, bespoke ticketing and box office system for comedy clubs, theatres and any venue that requires tickets to be sold.

Our system includes your public facing editable website, on-line booking, email marketing and all reporting - one tool to run all your marketing and sales. Our unique pricing plan offers all of this on a pay per ticket basis taking out all up front website costs and includes all transaction booking charges! Pay as little as 85p per ticket for all of the functionality.

  • The Glee Club

    Website Design

    • Edit text and photos
    • Add pages and menu items
    • Bespoke design from experienced designers
    • Search Engine Optimisation tools

    Comedy Booking offer a full Content Management System (CMS) with all the tools you need to manage your website including adding new performers, shows, venues all through your own dedicated log on area. We build our sites to be well optimised in the search engines have an excellent track history of this.

  • Comedy Booking Admin Login

    Box Office

    • Add new shows and performers
    • Assign multiple prices through different ticket types
    • Pre order food and drinks
    • Create on line promotions



    Our system allows you to manage all aspects of your box office including multiple ticket prices per show, multiple acts, requests, pre-ordering, FAQs, News and Links.

  • Online booking steps


    • Online booking 24/7
    • Telephone bookings inputted directly into the system
    • 4 Step booking process
    • Automatic Online Credit Card confirmation

    Our 4 step booking process allows for quick and easy booking of the show. Telephone bookings can be entered into the system meaning your clients details are on one secure system. All updates, cancellations and refunds of both telephone and on line bookings can be handled by the system.

  • Manage Mail Shots


    • Data collection for all bookings
    • Email tool integrated into the system
    • Subscription to Newsletters
    • Clear Reporting


    Want to email all people who saw a particular artist, from a particular postcode, in the last 12 months? No problem! Our system handles all of your email marketing from monthly newsletters to targeted email campaigns aimed at specific clients.

  • Manage Price List


    • Pay per ticket – keep on top of your cash flow
    • Takings transferred on a weekly basis to you
    • All Credit Card charges taken care of
    • From 85p per ticket.

    Our unique pricing mechanism allows you to have a fully editable website, box office and booking system for no upfront fee. We simply charge per ticket depending on the volume you put through the system. We take care of all Credit Card fees so your accounting becomes all the easier.